Keeping Up With the Andersons

The Andersons have their hands full, that's for sure! But this action-packed, sport loving little family have a good thing going on!. Meet Nicky and Jed Anderson and their gorgeous boys Elijah and Jasiah. 

Norte caught up with the Andersons to find out a little more about the life of an AFL family, how it pays to wear Norte when you're locked out of the house and how they juggle all the things that really matter!

You have a gorgeous family and two active young boys, what's a day like in the life of the Ando's?
Where to start! Let's just say my life is definitely interesting, with two boys under 3 years old, how could it not be?. Our days are full of laughs and love, with a little bit of play dough smudged into the carpet and a whole lot of laundry in the basket. (sound familiar friends?)
Sport is big in your family right? What are your go-to favourites?
Sport has always had a huge role in both myself and Jed's families growing up, with both AFL and soccer being played in our families for generations. I think sport is such an important part of a child growth, and I can't wait to get the boys into whatever they choose as they get older. 
With Jed's career in AFL and a young family, how do you go juggling it all?
Juggling everything isn't easy, especially when Jed has to travel for work. But I can honestly say we are an incredible team and we make it work, I just have to remind him to pick his footy boots up every now and then. We just try to prioritise his career and make sure we have heaps of lasting memories with our boys. 
You've played a fair bit of soccer and football yourself, any plans for a return?  
I would love to continue to play sport. I've been playing soccer since I was 5 in Darwin, and have really gotten into AFL since moving to Melbourne, But unfortunately I'm still recovering from knee surgery so I am just focusing on getting back to 100%.  And then I'll get back to it for sure!

 Tell us a bit about your boys, they seem like real characters!
Elijah and Jasiah are polar opposites of each other from birth, Elijah with dark features and Jasiah with light features. Their personalities are also incredibly different! Elijah is quiet and sensitive and he has no problem entertaining himself. Whereas Jasiah is full of energy, a total dare devil and is always the centre of attention. But both boys are just amazing little humans with hearts of gold.

You're a fan of Norte Wear which is super exciting for us! How's the gear going and what do you love most about it?
Do you know how hard it is to find warm and stylish clothing suitable for the Melbourne climate? I was ecstatic to stumble across Norte Wear. Not only are they adorable and comfy but the jackets are made for the Melbourne weather which can be so harsh at times. I'm super happy with the products and so are the boys.
We're all human, so what's the silliest / funniest / wackiest thing you've done lately?
Well recently in Melbourne it's been raining, so the boys and I have been stuck inside and going a little stir crazy. Then one day when the clouds cleared we made our way down to the park, the boys played until it started to get a little cooler, so I rounded them up and off to home we go.
I had this nagging feeling I was forgetting something but shrugged it off because I was feeling like a super mum after getting the boys out for a bit. We got to the front door and yes, super mum forgot her keys. So my husband arrives home to his wife and kids huddled up on the door step. Lucky for the boys they were nice and warm in their Norte Wear, but mummy was definitely feeling the frost bite!
And there you have it folks... we've loved chatting with a fam who have struck such a nice balance between action, adventure, sport and most importantly, family time! As much as we chuckled, we're happy the boys were toasty in their Norte gear whilst waiting for dad to come home with the keys! We might have to start thinking of some adult Norte wear for times like this, hey?
A huge thanks to Nicky and family for their generosity and time in chatting with the team at Norte!


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