Local Legends Nomination


It's no secret that over recent months, we've all seen a changing world, something that most of us thought we'd never see in our lifetime. Whilst we've all had our own unique experience of it, something that had bound us all together is an appreciation for the incredible contribution of humans across the globe and at home.

We all know one of them, the frontline workers, the medical staff, the retail superheroes who've been there for us, the kind hearted neighbours reaching out to help, the teachers, childcare workers and those ever reliable, kind hearted friends who have still found a way to check in, lend a hand and even take the kiddos for a virtual school lesson.

We've been inspired by stories of community spirit and individual contribution. And together with you, we want to acknowledge them & celebrate them. Has there ever been a more important time to think global and act local?

That's what Norte's Local Legends is all about. An opportunity for you to shout out and nominate a local legend who has inspired you through their contribution to people, places or planet - something at the very heart of Norte.

We'll be sharing your nominations and stories and selecting some amazing Local Legends to send some Norte goodies to help you show your appreciation. 

Simply complete the super quick entry form at the link below.

* By completing the nomination entry form, you give permission for Norte Wear to share your nomination entry (Don't worry, we wont share any last names or email addresses, just first names and your story)
* Norte reserves all rights to select stories to share and selected gift recipients.