Our Story

If you’re anything like us, you want to know a bit about the people behind the brands you support. And fair enough, we reckon! When we part with our hard-earned, we want to know that the people behind the biz share our values.

Norte is the creation of sisters Casey and Amy, operating from the beautiful Victorian coast. Casey and Amy are designers, creators, artists, musicians, always on adventure or behind the camera.


Being lucky enough to grow up surrounded by the most amazing natural environment, at home and on holidays, we would load up the family wagon with boards & bikes and these adventures had us hooked on the outdoors from a very early age. Having experienced the best of what the outdoors has to offer, we wanted to create a range of durable, cruelty free, seriously comfy gear for the outdoors.


Time in the outdoors gives you the greatest respect for the outdoors, its beauty, its power, and its vulnerability. Our love of all people, and our genuine care for our environment is at the core of what we do at Norte. We ain’t saints, we ain’t perfect but we are committed to keep doing what we can.

That’s why Norte’s commitment is to LEAVE IT BETTER. Our Leave It Better philosophy describes our commitment to People, Places and Planet and guides the actions we take to grow and evolve as a business and a responsible member of the business community.

“It’s our strong belief that as a society, we cannot, and must not, continue to rely solely upon charitable organisations and hard-working volunteers to better the standard of living for others and to protect people and our planet. Businesses, large and small, must play an active role and lead the charge. Norte works closely with our selected partners to provide practical support to organisations that align with our values.”

You can find out more about our values, our activities and our actions here. Peace, Love, Norte Team