• Sustainable Living in ICE-olation

    Sustainable Living in ICE-olation


    With the latest travel restrictions in place, some of us are itching to reconnect with our favourite adventure spots, after all, connecting with nature (amongst many other benefits) nourishes our soul and boosts our mood.

    It’s a great time to get creative and think about different ways to connect, and if we can’t do it physically, turn our daily thoughts to nature by upping-the-anti on some new sustainable living habits.

    Sustainable living encourages us to start acting like stewards, as individuals, businesses, industries, and entire communities, to protect the future of this beautiful planet.

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  • Smells Like Teen Spirit….Again!

    Smells Like Teen Spirit….Again!


    I do what any responsible parent (and ho hum.. proper Nirvana fan) should do. Refuse to buy the band t-shirt until the appropriate musical education has rightly taken place. And so the car ride home goes something like this…

     “Now kid, do you know any Nirvana songs?”


     “But you want the shirt?”

     “I reeeeeeally want the shirt”

     This will be the first Nirvana song she ever hears. A special moment. It must have an impact. I must choose wisely.

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    At Norte, we are loud and proud about our commitment to Leave It Better, and our passion for People, Places and Planet. We recognise that an enormous amount of unsustainable waste is created as a by-product of the fashion and apparel industry. As advocates for environmentally sustainable practices, we’re faced with the global challenge to minimise waste.   We are constantly on the search for ways to eliminate and/or reduce waste, play a meaningful role in our community, and continue our journey to minimise our environmental impact.   WE ARE SO EXCITED to join forces with Thread Together, a registered...

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  • The 8 Tips You Need to Overcome Winter Hibernation

    The 8 Tips You Need to Overcome Winter Hibernation


    We know that colder temperatures can put the mozz on motivation. At Norte, we’re kind of obsessed with the chilly months – it’s a big part of why we started making outerwear for the elements. There’s a kind of magic and wonder about winter, but it should come with a warning label, “don’t let it lead to hibernation; Netflix and chill in moderation!!” 

    To help get your adventurous minds inspired for some winter fun, below are our 8 tips you need to overcome winter hibernation.

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  • Norte x Outdoors People for Climate Action

    Norte x Outdoors People for Climate Action

    Norte are proud to announce our support of Outdoors People for Climate Action in an impactful new partnership - as part of our broader commitment to “Leave It Better.”
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  • Pre-loved Norte to go to Mum's Supporting Families in Need

    Pre-loved Norte to go to Mum's Supporting Families in Need

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    With many of you having asked us about what you can do with your pre-loved Norte gear, and through our desire to make sure Norte products have a long life span, we're thrilled to announce a new partner "Mum's Supporting Families in Need" (MSFIN). MSFIN are an incredible, fully-volunteer run organisation on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, providing quality material aid to struggling Victorian families in partnership with community support and welfare organisations."After a personal encounter with a mother in crisis, Mums Supporting Families In Need began in humble beginnings. Initially sorting from volunteers’ lounge rooms and working with a select...

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