Come at us Winter... We're Ready For You!

Come at us Winter... We're Ready For You!

We know winter can bring the cold weather blues for some, but not us! Nuh uh! Did you know that the term 'Norte' is the name of the wind that blows through the Gulf of Mexico... Now how cool is that?

Not only is it the coolest word ever to say... "Norte", go on, say it out loud, you know you want to! But it represents how much we love the weather, all weather, hot, cold, sunny, grey, you name it and we have a massive crush on all things mother nature.

From the time we were walking, or toddling, we enjoyed the outdoors all year round. We were lucky enough to have a family home in beautiful coastal South Gippsland in Victoria. 

We spent every holiday and most weekends at our cozy beach shack, built by mum and dad. In fact, this Norte-ster even bailed the water out of the stump holes when she was a wee lass.

So if we wanted to get outdoors, we had to rug up warm to survive the chilly winters and stay outside as long as our parents would let us, although we pushed the boundaries from time to time!

We always thought that if we rugged up warm in jackets, beanies and scarves it might just buy us an extra hour of play with our friends on the block.

Perhaps that's where our love of toasty warm winter gear came from? Anyway, we may have grown up a little since then, but our sense of adventure never went away. Now we look at the next generation of little adventurers in our lives and we want them to have that same experience. The countless hours on the beach, walking through trees, climbing rocks and getting all kinds of salty, muddy and sun kissed.

We hope the spirit of those adventures shines through in our gear. We design each and every item with those memories bubbling away and with the elements in mind.

We're excited to bring you some amazing new additions this winter and we hope you love them just as much as we do. Peace, love and good adventures to you all.

Norte x

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