Snap! Back to reality!

Snap! Back to reality!

Well, it's 10.30pm, the kids only just got to bed and I fully admit to being the most disorganised mother in the country. Ok, I should have had the pantry better stocked and the uniforms all ready to go, along with the gymnastics kits that will be needed straight after school tomorrow. Not just any day, but the first day of the new school year. Oh, and let's not forget the kinder interview for the little guy! So why the disorganisation? Well, we squeezed in a most fabulous, action packed holiday in the gorgeous town of Bright in the Victorian high country. And I should really be getting some zzzzzz's too, but first I must tell you all about some of the highlights!

Back home in Inverloch, there are a group of passionate cyclists, of whom my partner Cam is one (albeit with the current limitation of a broken femur recovery!). Each year that group heads to Bright for the Alpine Classic event.

Our holiday highlight was watching one of our friends complete a 320km (yes three hundred and twenty kilometer!!!) bike ride. And I'm not talking the flat stuff! This involved climbing some of the steepest terrain in Victoria in 40 degree heat, no less than 16 hours out there on the road. It was such a special moment to watch our friend cross the finish line to the cheers of many Bright locals and good Inverloch folk who had made the journey! Well done Brian! It truly is the best thing when your kids get to witness and appreciate people who work hard, smashing through the barriers of mental and physical exhaustion to achieve a goal! Congratulations also to the volunteers and organisers who put on a fabulous event, loaded with free entertainment for kids and some ripper food stalls also!

We've all been there right? Hanging out with a couple of families and friends with a bunch of kids. Craving a good feed and a cold drink. But who likes trying to contain and control a bunch of hyped up little campers in a squished up venue?! Not us! So we found the Wandiligong Pub! An amazing outdoor acoustic act, Aimee Francis provided the most perfect soundtrack to a lunch loaded with fabulous food, a cold beer and seriously enough grassy outdoor space for Cam to entertain a bunch of 5 budding footballers with an adhoc footy clinic! And shady trees for kids to stretch out under and happily draw away the afternoon. THE perfect country pub lunch, will most definitely be back!

Well we love the beach, but don't you just love a summer change of scenery? We had a blast at the Tronoh dredge hole in Harrietville! Picture an American movie about a summer camp... picture a huge swimming hole, a jetty jutting out, inviting you to cannonball off the end and swim out to a floating pontoon, surrounded by bush! The occasional brave person swims to the other side, scales the rocks and leaps back in via a rope swing, perhaps an eight metre drop back into the water! An amazing spot, where we had a blast. We found a fabulous little café with homemade ice cream to keep the kids happy. But best of all is being brought your coffee, cleverly decorated with a smiley face, by a smiling waiter who actually says 'happy holidays'! Thanks for the good vibes, will definitely be back to Morries next time we hit up Harrietville!


Finally, just hanging out around Bright is a bunch of fun for kids and big kids alike. The river is equipped with a lifeguarded splash park, diving board and water slides. The Bright Brewery is not even a stones throw away, and a huge playground is provided for the kids. The skate park is also central and had plenty of quiet time for the little tackers to get out and have a go.

Anyway, there you have it, Bright and it's beautiful surrounds are highly recommended by Team Norte as a super fun family getaway! And for now, its back to reality and all the joy that comes with a new school year! We truly hope your holidays have been an opportunity for you to relax with family and friends and we wish you all the best as you ease back into the work/school/kinder/childcare year! x

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