Just a Moment.....Bringing in the New Year, Norte style!

Just a Moment.....Bringing in the New Year, Norte style!

It happens every 365 days. When the new year starts looming, we all do it. We take a moment, and in some cases, many moments, to reflect on the year gone and start thinking, or overthinking about what may lay ahead. What are my goals? My resolutions? And most importantly, how will I spend that extra important evening, bringing in the new year. Because the way we spend this time, and the statements we make once a year are important! It's us stating our intentions to the world.


In the lead up to the new year, we decided to take a different approach... because why give so much head space to moments that haven't arrived yet. Why give so much energy to moments that have been and gone. They're important, YES! My word they are... But more important than the moment you're in right at this second? NOPE! No sireeee. 

Our reflection was this... If the past and the future take up more space and time than the present, then we are out of balance. So with this in mind, what did we feel like doing? We felt like just living in the moment, being big kids... singing, playing, kicking off our shoes and having a damn fun ho-down on our beach, while the kids played, ran and laughed their little butts off.

They had a blast by simply jumping off a wall...A WALL!! And we got a thrill out of dragging our guitars and bongos down the beach and ripping out some of our favourite old tunes on a beach full of locals and holiday makers.

We forgot about lists, websites, designs, emails, logo's and goals. We forgot to eat dinner. We covered each other in sand, tried to throw each other in the ocean, taught little Lucas how to strum a guitar and watched happily as 9 year old Eleanor tumbled and flipped her way along the beach.

The sound of our bongo's must have driven the fisherman bonkers but they greeted us with a smile and chuckle, they knew we were having fun.

One of our goals at Norte, is to capture our little people enjoying play and rather than asking them to pose for pictures for us. So we chase them around trying to capture them enjoying their own moments. This in itself, makes things super fun for everyone and allows them to genuinely enjoy themselves and the company of their friends and family.  

Soon, holidays will end for most of us, some of us will suit up and get back to work in the city and the realities of daily life kick back in... and that's totally cool too! But isn't it just so nice to have these simple, yet amazing moments when you can? It can bring you back up to feeling 10/10, and that's how you start your next day, on top of the world. To close your eyes for a brief moment and think of the ocean, the sand, the magnificent trees and sunsets we get to experience. The simple joys of a walk to the beach, jumping in a rock pool or trying to skate board after 20 years of not doing it!!

It's all so much better with a bit of balance. It's all so much nicer when you can truly live in the moment and not always in the past or the future.


The future will come around quick enough, it always does. But when it arrives, it wont be the future anymore, it'll be the present. A wise man named Eckhart Tolle said that. And it resonates. So why the rambling? Well, we design, create and make gear for young adventurers and some rad stuff for the big kids too. And we reckon that the best way to enjoy adventure, any adventure, is to do it with a clear mind, a happy heart and with the weight of the world OFF your shoulders, and we want all our little people to know this too. 

So from our family to yours, Norte wishes you a most magical year ahead, each and every moment of it... we wish you good vibes and good health. Here's to another trip around the sun, in the lucky country!

Peace Out,

Team Norte

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