Norte Loves Tassie!! Meet the gorgeous family behind 'TasLifeWithMyBoysBlog'

Tasmania, home of endless stretches of beautiful beaches, mountains and some of the best that nature has to offer. Couple all that with the food, markets and historical sights, why wouldn't we love Tassie!

Norte have many new friends from down south, makes sense, they've got a colder climate and we've got the toastiest, coolest, comfiest jackets going around! It's a match made in heaven I tells ya!

So this week, we rounded up one of Tassie's loveliest and most creative families to talk to the team at Norte. Enter Eliza and her two gorgeous boys, together they are one of Instagram's best up and comers, showcasing the best in fashion and product styling. If you like staying on trend, then this fab fam is a must follow!! Read on...

So tell us a bit about yourself and the family?

Taslifewithmyboys is an Instagram blog about our family of four. Hubby, the two boys and I live in Tasmania. Living rural Tasmania gives the boys lots of space to play and explore outside.

I'm twenty seven years old and love being a mum, product stylist and nurse. I certainly keep myself busy being a product stylist for Matthew (2) & Hugh (1), who are also busy being brand reps for small businesses on Instagram. I use a Canon DSLR and have lots of fun taking photos for my feed! 

As a family, we regularly go 4x4 driving in the bush with other friends, exploring our wildlife or spending time together outside; when the weather permits. We do get four seasons in a day... It's not a myth!


Your boys look amazing in their Norte gear! How did you hear about us?

We were luckily enough to be one of the first to discover Norte on Instagram and it's been so fun to watch how quickly they have grown. I love knowing that I'm dealing with two Australian sisters Casey & Amy, who totally understand what kids need to keep warm in Tasmania.

You've got a fair bit of Norte in the wardrobe, what's your favourite item?

Our favourite Norte item would definitely be their jackets. I love that they aren't bulky and they are super warm! This means that the boys' clothing doesn't get in the way and also looks super trendy. Makes it easy for mum getting them into prams and seats without having to take their coat off to get in.

We love Tasmania, it's one of our favourite places in Oz. What's the best thing about Tassie?

I'm so glad that Norte loves Tasmania! We love it because it's so untouched, quiet and it has so many opportunities for adventure not far from our front door. Definitely the best place to raise a family of little boys.

As you know, we're all about Mission Play here at Norte... How do your boys like to spend their time playing?

Mission play is wonderful. I had not heard of this before being introduced to Team Norte. My boys love spending time outside while Dad and Mum attempt to garden the block... Or feeding the 60 chooks next door with our lovely neighbour's... Or playing in the snow on our famous mountain!

Shout out time... In the wonderful world of Instagram, who are some of your absolute favourites?

Instagram is a great place for small businesses to explore the market of Australian Mum's but also reaching the international followers too. It's so hard to choose just five of the huge list of our favourites but you all should go over and follow these businesses because their feeds are gorgeous and well... their products are also loved by my boys!

And please follow us over at @taslifewithmyboysblog as I've done the research and can show you how to style products in your kids rooms, fun shelfie's, fabulous clothing via flatlay's and this is really the latest in the world of Instagram for mums and kids.

Thanks for reading,
Eliza and her boys xx

So there you have it folks, real stories from real people who live and breathe Mission Play just like the team here at Norte.

To celebrate our massive crush on Tassie, we're offering a 15% discount on our range of gorgeous, high quality kids jackets for this week only. All you need to do is head in store and use the code NORTETASSIE15 at the checkout!

These are seriously the jackets that kids don't want to take off!

Until next time, rug up warm, get outdoors and go exploring #missionplay all the way.

Norte Team xxx


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    Norte Loves Tassie!! Meet the gorgeous family behind ’TasLifeWithMyBoy

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    Norte Loves Tassie!! Meet the gorgeous family behind ’TasLifeWithMyBoy

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    Norte Loves Tassie!! Meet the gorgeous family behind ’TasLifeWithMyBoy

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