Get Outdoors & Go Exploring, a winter road trip with @little_pq to Warburton

When the weekend finally rolls around, do you get that feeling of excitement and get overwhelmed with all the millions things you could do with those precious 2 days off?

"Hell Yeah" I hear you say! Well same here...


So this weekend, the team at Norte were just itching to get outdoors and go exploring! We're in Victoria ya know? So much to do, so much to see! So we put in the call to our pals at @little_pq and @dqiphotos creators, makers and super snappers, with the dang cutest little cub Parker and we set off on the road to Warburton, east of Melbourne in the beautiful, picturesque Yarra Ranges.


The word 'picturesque' has always made me chuckle, but i'm convinced it should be used for places like Warburton. Watching Parkers' reaction to the gorgeous views was half the fun!


So we set off, coffee in hand from one of our faves 'Wide Open Road' in Brunswick and we were off. Roadtrip tunes = check, caffeine = check, good pals = check and about 12 kg worth of photography gear = errr check!

Our destination, the gorgeous redwood forest area of East Warburton where kids, families, youngsters and the young at heart can wander, explore, hike or picnic amidst the most amazing and yep, picturesque views, greenery and the tallest trees you ever did see!

For those of you who like things in neat, tidy rows, this one's for you! We take a bow to the crew who planted these babies, it's seriously mind boggling just how perfect it all looks. It makes you stop, take a deep breath, look up to where the sun is breaking through the tall trees and think "yeah, we live in the lucky country"... no matter the sites you've been lucky enough to see across the globe, there's nothing quite like a country weekend road trip to a beautiful Victorian town to sooth the soul.

Little Parker was in his element, dressed in his trusty Norte gear, he didn't feel the cold and was in awe of his surroundings. But what got us most excited, was the creative talents of Artist, Sculptor and Weaver, David Digapony (check out his work on Instagram @wild_and_woven). Here you'll see his handy work in weaving natures' treasures into a work of art. You gotta see it first hand, it's simply magical.


After hours of traipsing through the forest, it was snack time. So we headed to the the gorgeous River View Cafe for a feast to get us pepped up and fed for the drive home. If you're in the area or driving through, be sure to check out this little gem, river views and a menu for one and all! (Sorry about the food art Parker left on the floor team!!).



And the final stretch? Ah the most important pit stop of the day, the Warburton Candy Emporium, we figured we'd walked enough to warrant a replacement of some essential candy's right? 

Before we knew it, Sunday was coming to a close, but not with that old dreaded Monday feeling attached, in fact, it's days like these that get you pepped up and pumped for the week ahead.

We've got lots of things on the go here at Norte, designs, fabrics and thought bubbles are flying around in all directions, just the way we like it. So today, we pressed the reset button, got outdoors and went exploring.

This is what Mission Play is all about, and it ain't just for the little ones. We all need a breather every now and then right? Never stop playing...

So, we hope you enjoyed our little story from the road, be sure to check out some pictures this week on the Norte page and of course over at @little_pq too!

Until next time troops, get outdoors, go exploring in Norte!


Team Norte x


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