Behind the Scenes on a Very NORTIE Adventure

Take a stunning location on the Victorian coast, add a Kombi, some boards, guitars and a huge tribe of little adventurers. You have all the ingredients for one epic winter adventure! Check out all the action from our recent film shoot at spectacular Kilcunda! 
Adventure in the outdoors isn't something we just sing about, it's something we live and breath! We simply cant let a week go by without some sort of outdoor mischief. But this weeks adventure was particularly special as the Norte tribe got together to film our very first mini video production with super talented film maker Manny Cole.


We wont give away too many spoilers but are super excited to share with you some of the behind the scenes moments from the day, as well as some spectacular captures from the Norte team and our fab friends. Enjoy xx

Girl Power: These pals had a day to remember. Being a Norte Kid is fun!

Kombi Crush: A photoshoot dream come true for the Norte team! A huge thanks to Graeme at the Island Surf Shack for joining us for the afternoon with this beauty!

Run Wild: The Norte crew were quick to dash to the water after a stroll along the iconic Killy bridge!


Left: Sammy and Ruby at the wheel   Right: Making new friends, what school holidays is all about!


Left: The Norte team taking a breather with filmmaker Manny Cole. Right: always time for a quick tune right?

Killy Bridge, Killer Views: Rallying the tribe across this iconic bridge took awhile, you've just gotta stop and take in the breathtaking views!

Dreaming of the next wave: These little chickas can surf like no tomorrow but the thumping waves at Killy were the kind you watch from the shore!

It's inevitable when you're on an adventure, kids find a place to JUMP!

Cooling off: The girls found a place to cool their feet after hours of hard-core play!

They say never work with kids and animals and we say pffffft, working with kids is as fun as it gets!!

Support Crew: Couldnt have managed such an epic day without the help of our support crew, including local surf coach Lucy!



What else can we say, kids on adventure, kids outdoors, kids happy, kids healthy, Norte Kids.


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