Announcement - Norte's new partnership with Grab A Grom

Visit Grab A Grom for Sponsorship Info

We're so excited to announce our partnership with the team at Grab A Grom. Grab A Grom's aim is to be the positive link between sponsors & groms. Grab A Grom helps educate groms & their families on how sponsorship works, everything involved and what's right for them. So if you’re serious about your sport, then we're serious about you being a part of our crew at Norte.

Sponsorship at any level involves many aspects combined in order for it to be a successful ongoing relationship. This is where Grab A Grom assists groms in becoming the ultimate brand representative.

Norte's partnership with Grab A Grom will help to spread our #MissionPlay message even further! We reckon that active, healthy kids are happiest when they're at play, whether in the surf, at the park or anywhere there's fun to be had so what better way to practice what we preach and throw our support behind this amazing organisation. 

Check out all the details at our Sponsorship and Partners page.

 #getseenlivethedream #missionplay



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