Mission Play All the Way!

Mission Play All the Way!

When the idea of Norte jackets sparked to life, there was so much to think about! Fabrics, designs, colours and sizes, so many choices and so many decisions. One thing however, was clear from the beginning... Norte was to be designed for kids who play.

With the little people "Norte Kids" in our world so active, vibrant and full of life, we knew we needed to design a product focused around the way kids play, interact and explore. That's where the theme of 'Mission Play' was born. Our mission is to keep kids warm and cozy while they run, play and enjoy the beautiful Australian outdoors.

Our jackets have been designed and tested to suit the lifestyles of active little people, from the beach to the park, city streets to the school yard, our design features all the good stuff whilst still managing to look very cool and be super comfy.

Every aspect of the design of Norte Jackets has been the subject of thorough planning and testing by parents and the kids themselves.

Firstly, our jackets are warm, soft and cozy for the kids. The super soft jersey lining is what truly makes this is a jacket they'll happily wear all day.

Our poly insulation was selected to keep kids warm, without the use of animal down. 

Other features include a fitted elastic hood, cuffs and waistband for great fit, and zippered pockets to keep their treasures safe and sound.

Since our launch in Autumn, we've had amazing feedback from parents and kids about Norte Jackets. The consistent theme? They are super comfy, kids don't want to take them off and they are eye-catching to boot! 

It's been amazing seeing the interaction with our customers online and how they've taken to our theme of #missionplay. 

Check out our Instagram page @norte_wear for a look at our growing community of active little people enjoying the outdoors! 

Til next time, play hard, go exploring and keep warm! 

Team Norte 💙

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