Beeswax Wraps - Large Wrap



Large Beeswax Wrap - wrap measures 34x40cm. 

Perfect for wrapping large vegetables and fruit such as pumpkin, cabbage, cauliflower and melons. Fold large bags for loose produce like spinach and lettuce.

Homemade with love in Roseberry, NSW by Beeswax Wraps Australia.



Beeswax Wraps are the most amazing eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap in your kitchen. Keep your food fresh and reuse your beeswax wraps again and again.



Bread, cheese, fresh herbs, avocados, pumpkin, cauliflower, fruits, nuts and sandwiches. Also great for covering bowls, making bags to store loose produce and more



Homemade with love, Beeswax Wraps are helping to set the global trend for reducing single-use plastic waste in our daily lives. Using the highest quality ACO certified Australian organic beeswax, and GOTS certified organic cotton, these are the highest quality and buzziest eco-friendly alternatives to food wrap on the market.

Keeping your food fresh has never been so exciting. Beautiful and authentic, the indigenous Australian Dreamtime artwork on some wraps, share captivating stories of our connection to the land and to each other. This gift to self, planet and friends, will fill your kitchen with colour and culture, wisdom and life. 



Repairing and caring for Beeswax wraps is easy. 

Wash with:


Mild hand soap

Let dry completely prior to next use 

Use cold water and wash as you would wash your hands.

Hot water can damage your wax.

Lather both sides with mild hand soap and hang, pat, dry with a tea towel.

Hot or oily foods should be avoided, as they can shorten the life of your wraps. They are not intended to be used for raw meat.

Our wraps are super strong, but washing by hands is the way to go.

Dishwashers, washing machines, and microwaves can cause permanent damage.


PLEASE NOTE - artwork varies with each pack.

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