The Spirit of Adventure

The Spirit of Adventure

Welcome to Norte Wear Australia - home of Seriously Cool, Seriously Comfy Kids Gear.

Hailing from the coastal town of Inverloch, Victoria, we've got The Spirit of Adventure in our veins and its time we tell you why!

Our mission has always been to get kids and families outside, exploring, taking epic adventures and enjoying our gorgeous outdoors, in style of course! So why the Spirit of Adventure? What does it all mean and why does it matter?

Norte is the creation of two sisters, Casey and Amy. Growing up, we had the best of the outdoors at our fingertips. Weekends and holidays were spent exploring the beautiful coastal areas of South Gippsland and the Bass Coast. Throughout the year, we lived in one of Victoria’s National Parks, the kids of the local ranger.

Our little beach shack was the scene of many adventures. Our parents, with four kids in tow, built our humble little beach home over many years, with our family and friends rolling up their sleeves to help. At the time, it was all we knew, but looking back, we were the luckiest kids in the world! Our folks worked hard, gave us the ultimate adventure and it shaped us for the years to come.

A typical day for us involved bike riding, sand dunes, learning to surf, building forts and hanging out in our beloved little caravan cubby, a retro bondwood that was our parents first beach home together. We fished, we threw on a snorkel and explored under the sea, our dad towed us around behind his fishing boat until we couldn’t feel our arms anymore. We drifted out past the waves in our rubber dingy and walked for miles to find the best place for another day of adventure. Put simply, it was sweet!

Whilst most kids our age were taking family holidays at interstate fun parks (mind you, we envied them and begged to go too!) we would plan our next outdoor adventure and saved madly for new adventure gear, anything that would enhance the holiday or weekend fun. Plenty of cuts, bumps and grazes, but each one came with the best memories!

When we created Norte, we wanted to make kids gear that represented our own childhood, our own adventures. We wanted to make a range of gear that wasn’t just cool and comfy, but that came with a little bit of magic too. The kind of magic we felt when we walked out the door each morning to get our feet sandy and our hair salty.

We’ve been blown away by just how much our loyal Norte customers have jumped on board our adventure. Not a day passes by without new kids and families sharing their adventures with us across the country, decked out in gear that is seriously built for play.

By far and away, our favourite childhood gear was our trusty winter jacket. Because why stay indoors when you rug up warm and see the world from underneath a snug, warm hood? Our family photo albums are chockers with pictures of us rugged up like a snowman, but if it meant we could stay out longer, then it didn’t bother us!

When we designed our very first Norte Jacket range, we took a trip down memory lane and put our childhood at the centre of our designs. The popping colours, the comfy materials, the warmth, the protection from the elements. Now, when we put them on our own little tribe of adventurers, we know that in some way, we’ve recreated that magic.

Our first three jackets were named after our favourite beach spots Waratah, Woolamai and Ozone, a local break on the Bass Coast. When we first went live with Norte Wear, we watched our first few sales trickle in and we were stoked beyond words.

When we first saw a few local kids running across the sand dunes in our bright blue Ozone Jacket, on the Ozone beach, we had to stop and have a chuckle. These kids might not have known it at the time, but we’d come full circle, after lots of hard work, we were there with them on their little beach adventure.

We’re lucky that this is our past. We’re blessed that this is our present, and we’re excited that Norte has a bright future, full of adventure.

We’ve just finalised the new Norte range for Summer 18’ and we just can’t wait to show it to you all. One thing is for sure, it’s got the Spirit of Adventure and we’re sure you’ll agree.

We all have our own connection with adventure, our own memories of climbing hills and playing until long after dark and we hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about ours.

Join in the Norte adventure with us and share your favourite moments with #TheSpiritOfAdventure

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Love and good vibes


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  • Gail Bennett says...

    It was a delight to meet you Casey over here in bright
    I hope we can catch up when I come over to see your mum
    What a great advertisement seeing the family involved
    Can’t wait to order jackets for my own grandchildren

    On Aug 23, 2017

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