Explore Australia's most unique beaches this summer

Explore Australia's most unique beaches this summer

Australia is blessed with coast lines so gorgeous, they warranted a mention in our national anthem. But because over 85% of us are spoilt enough to live a hop, skip and a jump from their closest beach, it's not hard to tire of our local and look further afield for something more unique. We've rounded up our favourite family-friendly beaches, lakes and rivers that are perfect for cooling off while also offering something unique to entertain the kids and ensure they fall asleep with smiles on their faces on the ride home. Just don't forget your kids rashies, because you'll be hard pressed getting them to agree to more than the quickest of sunscreen touch ups at all of these places!


Eagle Bay Western Australia

Eagle Bay, Western Australia

Just outside of Dunsborough lies a bay with the brightest cerulean blue water, it almost looks fake. The beach's pure white sand, inter-dispersed with natural rock groynes, only serves to highlight the beauty of the water, which is almost completely still, making it ideal for children who are nervous in the waves.  Of course, every rose has it's thorn and this time it comes in the form of extra salty water – so be sure to warn the kids (or not) before they go for a splash.


Vincentia Beach, New South Wales

For East Coast dwellers who crave the same still, jewel-like waters that Eagle Bay offers, Vincentia is a great consolation prize. Just south of the popular Jervis Bay, the surrounding town is a perfect weekend getaway but we reckon you'll barely see it, because you'll be too busy soaking up the sun on the blindingly white sand!

Vincentia Beach Kiama Beach

Kiama, New South Wales

Known as the place where the mountains meet the sea, Kiama is home to a blowhole that sprays water up to 25 metres in the air, delighting young children and surprising unsuspecting tourists by saturating them with the ocean spray.


Buley Rock Pools, Northern Territory

Who says you can't swim in the Territory? Located inside the famous Litchfield National Park, the Buley Rock Pools are often overshadowed by the more famous nearby Florence Falls – but who wants to carry a tired child up 150 steps after a big swim? Not us! That's why we love the Buley Rock Pools, which are just a little further down the road and are far easier to access for little legs.


Lake McKenzie, Queensland

Fraser Island's Lake McKenzie is a “perched lake”, meaning the sand and other soil creates an impervious layer, creating a lake that is 100% rain water. As a result of this, and the fact that the sand purifies the water, the lake is unable to support much life – so squeamish children will love splashing around without having to worry about seaweed or fish.


Lake McKenzie

Aldinga, South Australia

South Australia has some of the most underrated coastline in Australia – which is a total shame, because almost all of them are covered in soft, white sand and boast clear blue water. We struggled to pick a favourite, but nothing delights children more than perceived rule breaking and along certain spots in Aldinga, you can drive your car right onto the sand! We also love that it has great snorkelling and crabbing opportunities.


Aldinga Beach

Inverloch, Victoria

Victoria may be home to some stunning beaches and the world famous Great Ocean Road, but we are partial to our home town of Inverloch, and it's not just because we live there! Inverloch's coast line is so enticing, it lured us away from the big city, for a cruisy coastal life. The perfect combination of a gentle inlet with superb locations for swimming, stand up paddle boarding and boating, as well as a stellar stretch of sandy surf beach for those who like a wave. If you’re lucky, you may spot the mysterious driftwood tepees which appear along the shore from time to time.


Inverloch, Victoria

Kimberly Warm Springs, Tasmania

Tasmania is always cold and while we know you've already packed your Norte Jacket, we also reckon you should throw in your bathers the next time you head to our island state. The Kimberly Warm Springs maintain a constant, natural temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius due to the natural materials below the surface, so you don't need to wait for high summer to enjoy it! It's home to a unique snail species, which will delight insect-inquisitive children.

Wherever your adventures may take you this summer, take the time to check out the local surf conditions and safety information before you arrive.

This summer, while enjoying our beautiful outdoors, take care of the native flora and fauna, take your rubbish with you and Leave It Better!

For quality outdoor gear for your little adventurers this summer, you can't go past our Amigo Summer Range to protect their skin and ensure they're the coolest kids at the beach!

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