A Norte Mum Shares: "Get Out There, Be At One With Nature"

A Norte Mum Shares: "Get Out There, Be At One With Nature"


Life on the farm with the kombi life crew is not just a lifestyle but a way of living.

And what a way of living it is! Living off the land, not only with the crops we grow, the sheep we raise, but eating from the comfort of our own backyard. When planning our garden, the first goal was to plant a garden we could eat from.

Our youngest son also hatched a plan with his grandfather, to raise some chickens on the property and he now runs a little business selling eggs.

We never have to roam far from home as our backyard is full of opportunities for adventure. We love to spend our weekends as a family cooking campfire food, eating yabbies from our dams, swimming in our natural pond at the rock over summer, canoeing and best of all, being at one with nature.

Kombilife is a free-spirited way of living, it’s all about the journey, a road unknown and we’re here to enjoy the ride.

When our family accepted the role of ambassadors for Norte Wear, we couldn’t have thought of a better match for us. Norte is all about being in the outdoors as a family, respecting nature and promoting the importance of how we treat this beautiful planet of ours.




We have honestly lived in our jackets and beanies over winter, the gear is perfect for every adventure big or small.

Wearing Norte gear every chance we get, I was rugged up in Norte the day we planted trees on the property, where this mamma had to sit in the tree planter all day at the back of a tractor and without the jacket I would no doubt have frozen, through to the everyday ritual of visiting our chooks to collect our eggs or zooming around on the gator checking the ewes and lambs!

If you want to add something to your bucket list, I encourage you to add ADVENTURES with your family. Just get out there, be at one with nature, appreciate those little things, the open space, the dirt on your hands and feet. Time in nature doesn’t cost a thing and it surrounds us in all its beauty.

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