14,000 ways we Leave It Better

"When we look back on our impact so far, we’re beyond excited. Our Leave It Better projects and charitable partnerships have contributed in excess of $14,000 to date to the causes closest to our hearts. But our focus is firmly set on the future - we have so much else to do!"

When we made a commitment to Leave It Better, we knew it was just as important to commit to real action, regularly checking in on that commitment and importantly, to keep you informed of our progress. It’s important to our customers that the businesses they support are doing some good. We know, because you tell us all the time! And so it should be. We too, find ourselves being increasingly conscious of not what a business sells as an end product, but what they stand for. That way, we can make a choice about supporting those who make a meaningful impact.

Photo: The ultimate compliment from Coast Magazine - Changing Lives

Not a day passes where we don’t have a conversation with a passionate customer, friend or acquaintance about the values behind what businesses do and how they conduct themselves. It’s a conversation that matters, and we love having it. When we look back on our impact so far, we’re excited, but even more excited about what is still ahead. Our Leave It Better projects and charitable partnerships have contributed in excess of $14,000 so far!

Photo: Casey and Max from Team Norte enjoying the places that matter most.

Our Leave It Better philosophy was designed as an overarching commitment by Norte as a platform to support the things that matter most to us, and they can be categorised as People, Places and Planet. Each of these focus areas are connected to the other, one can’t succeed and thrive without the other two.

When we drill down on each of these focus areas, we’ve been able to identify those areas where we believe Norte can make an impact. This then guides are decision making and directs where we spend our time, resources and energy. To see what we’re yakkin about, check out our Leave It Better projects page on our website.

Photo: Norte Ambassador, Kate Jenkinson, using her voice to Leave It Better.

So now it’s check in time on how we're tracking so far... Here's how we're leaving it better, in 8 simple steps.

  1. We’ve donated in excess of 150 brand new winter jackets to support community organisations and local fundraising activities.

2. We’ve donated $5 from the purchase of every Norte Amigo tank to tackle the Rohingya Crisis through Save the Children.

3. We’ve planted over 2400 trees through the Forest Garden Program through our partnership with Trees for the Future.

4. We’ve eliminated single use plastics. Now when our customers receive their delivery from Norte, it’s recycled and recyclable materials all the way.

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5. Our insulation has always been cruelty free and free of animal down and we’ve now introduced recycled PET into the manufacturing of our jacket insulation.

6. We design our kids jackets to be worn oversized and we promote upsizing. This means getting multiple years of wear out of your jacket and in turn, reduces the need to replace your jacket and reduces our impact on the earth.

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7. We purchased brand new footballs for the Inverloch Kongwak Girls Football Team, supporting girls in sport.

8. We support the efforts of others through financial or product donations and in-kind support including Natural Runaways, Live Below the Line, Street Swags, Safe Steps Family Violence Centre and Save the Children.

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We've said it before, and we'll keep saying it. No one rolls out of bed perfect, to Leave It Better is an ongoing learning process. We love nothing more than learning from others and we'd love to hear your ideas. Hit us up at info@norte.com.au, join our adventure and help us to #leaveitbetter.

Norte Team


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