Meet the Norte Kids!

It was a bit of a typical wild, windy, rainy, sunny day in Inverloch. It was an important day where the Inverloch community come together for the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge and Family Festival, which Norte were proud to be sponsoring! On these big occasions, it's always great to have supporters around, and our Norte extended family did not let us down! We were joined by our long term supporters Alex and David, loving parents to Parker (AKA Little PQ). We were also thrilled to be joined by Jes, mumma to gorgeous Dom (AKA dominic_d15) and Annmaree, mumma of spunky Brock and creative whiz behind the life_with_brock blog! We asked Jes and Annmaree to tell us about their day in Inverloch and how they are finding their new Norte summer gear!

What was the highlight of your day in Inverloch at the BCCC and Family Festival?

JES: Dominic loved the petting zoo. He loves everything to do with animals and being able to pat a goat and see the chickens made him very happy! We also loved exploring the nearby beach, Dom and Brock had a ball having a splash in the ocean - while still wearing their Norte gear!

ANNMARIE: The highlight of our weekend was watching the billy karts! Brock is a fan of anything with wheels. It was also great to meet the family behind the brand we love so much.

What made you head to the event this weekend?

JES: We ventured down to the BCCC as we love getting out of the house and getting involved in different activities and experiences. I love watching Dominic explore and learn about the world and environment.

ANNMAREE: We headed down for the weekend as we are always out exploring, we don't spend a lot of time inside and the event sounded like a great chance to have some beach time and see Inverloch come together as a community.

What's your favourite way to mission play?

JES: Dominic loves getting outside and helping his dad in the garden. We also love taking family trips down to the beach, Dom is particularly fond of eating sand and chasing seagulls.

ANNMAREE: Well we are very much an outdoorsy family but our favourite mission play moments are where Brock is the happiest. He adores adventuring around outside on his Grandma and Pop's farm, riding his balance bike and going to the beach to splash in waves and build/stomp on sandcastles.

How are you finding your new Norte summer gear? What's to love about it?

JES: We LOVE our Norte gear! The designs are trendy yet classic. I love how comfortable Dom is - he can play, climb run and explore with nothing holding him back! And washing/drying is quick and easy, which is a massive plus for me!

ANNMAREE: Since purchasing our Norte summer range we are just as in love as we were with the winter range! The fabric of his tee is super soft and I love the simple designs and bold colours. The cap is also of high quality and will be our summer go to summer accessory.



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